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Heart Omega Back 14k Gold Coin Earrings
Heart Omega Back Coin Bezel Earrings
14kt Yellow Gold

- 1 Pair of Coin Bezel Earrings
- Heart Omega Back for pierced ears
- Available in sizes fitted for specific coins (see below)

Bezels by Coin Country

Select the country of your coin below to find the bezel that fits your coin:


Bezels by Coin
(1) To find the Coin Bezel Earring that fits your coin, first locate your coin below.
(2) Then, click on the appropriate coin name to view the bezel earring that fits your coin. You can also select the Order button to Add the item to your shopping cart.
(Coin names are listed by country.)
United States
Coin Name
Item #
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1/10 oz $5 American Eagle (coins not included) ERH-165 $ 936.25  
1/4 oz $10 American Eagle (Coins not included) ERH-022 $ 1123.75  
$2.5 "QUARTER EAGLE" INDIAN HEAD TYPE, 1908-1929 ERH-018 $ 986.25  
$2.5 "Quarter Eagle" Liberty type, 1840-1907 ERH-018 $ 986.25  

Coin Name
Item #
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1/4 oz. Panda (Coins not included) ERH-022 $ 1123.75  
1/10 oz. Panda (Coins not included) ERH-018 $ 986.25  
1/20 oz. Panda (Coins not included) ERH-014 $ 911.25